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Why executive coaching is getting so much attention ?

Our work is a dominant part of our life and on an average one person spends 90,000 hours at work or 10 continuous years, so one better be serious to make most of it and make it more fulfilling and exciting. 

With increasing awareness among the working professionals, high achievers want to make right decision whether it is about a new job/career, improving work-life balance, progressing to next level or improving self-awareness in the areas of time-management, conflict resolution, communication or managing emotions.

This may happen at any level of your professional career and it is important to take a step back and look at your current situation, how you are placed and what will it take to achieve your perceived goal. While you may know all your problems and the solution surely resides somewhere within you, the bottleneck is your continuous struggle “inside the box” and not able to probably think or see the world outside the box. 

An expert coach just gives you enough guidance which typically save your years of potential unhappy professional life, solution can be anything starting from changing your career path, getting into an entrepreneurial venture or just do some fine tuning or going through a skill enhancement program or venture a new professional degree you always wish to have or just do nothing and realize you are at right trajectory and just need to walk through it.

In the area of leadership the question becomes “now what”. All professionals are good at certain functional area to reach a leadership position, however once they reach it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the role as most people just end up like a super user of the same functional area in which he or she is strong at. However the skill one needs to lead effectively is very different from what made them successful in certain functional area. High achievers understand this early and take professional help from coach who helps to make the person more self-aware and be confident about his/her public presence, expectation management and get the desired output from the team via effective communication.  

Bottom line, Life is short and we should all try to make it as much fulfilled as possible and that means to navigate it right rather than wondering and wasting time.

What is executive coaching in objective way?

While executive coaching is becoming popular day by day and it is here to stay for betterment of industry. It is very important to understand that what one should expect from this service and even more important to understand what one should not expect out of it.

What one shouldn’t expect 

  • It is not about fixing, telling or advising on a particular issue you may have 
  • It is not performance management 
  • It is not therapy, it does not look back what went wrong
  • It is not resume writing or giving you interview guidance  

What one should expect

  • Lots of listening and less talking from coach 
  • Hearing lots thought provoking questions which helps to mobilize your own resources 
  • Solve problem by own by revealing things which you have not revealed earlier 
  • Getting full clarity in a defined timeframe and achieving goals 
  • Enough support to encourage, however only support is not enough to get best out, so there will be lots of challenge. 
  • A good coach should be high on both support and challenge to get best out of you


What to look for while trying to find an executive coach?

  • Executive coaching is not about writing resumes, finding you a job or helping you with interview questions. It is about supporting and guiding you in your journey, it is to enable you to market yourself better rather than relying on third party. No one knows you better than yourselves, so you should take control about your resume and rely on your abilities, however coach should be able to help you to strategize.
  • Does the coach have a back ground in the field? While it is not necessary to have same background but there should be enough association with people in your field to understand you fully and if their knowledge is limited about your field then you may end up with very generic advice which may lead to frustration at your side
  • Executive coach needs to be specific rather than generic. To understand this you may want to ask them to give you a relevant example of similar persona which an experienced coach should be able to do with ease. If there is any struggle, you may want to double check before deciding.
  • Please check the online presence or visibility of the person. This is fairly easy by checking about his or her writings/videos in several blogs, you-tube, linked-in or any other social media channel. If the person is sharing valuable contents consistently for the industry, it is reasonable to assume that the person is serious and knowledgeable in his or her area and it is worth investing.
  • Please be careful in case someone is luring you with his or her connection in the Industry, be pragmatic about it, no one can you get you a job unless you are capable. So that type of connection will never help as that same story they may be telling to others as well and even if there is connection, there is no guarantee that connection will have a job which you are looking for. 
  • Please check on what kind of plan they offer, you need to ensure to get a focused strategic plan vs an open ended and unclear plan.

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